2023 Oscars Predictions

If you want to know how I feel about the nominated films I’ve seen, here is a tier list (made with Tiermaker). If you cannot recognize the films from their posters, here are the titles written out (Best Picture nominees are bolded): A+ (THE BEST): Everything Everywhere All at Once, The Banshees of Inisherin, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio,Continue reading “2023 Oscars Predictions”

DC Extended Universe Films Ranked from Worst to Best

Any requests? Fill out the form here! If you do not wish to read the entire post, here is the ranking as a tier list (made using TierMaker). A/A- (EXCELLENT): Wonder Woman B+/B (SOLID): Shazam! B-/C+ (FAIRLY DECENT): Birds of Prey, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Wonder Woman 1984 C/C- (MEDICORE): Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: DawnContinue reading “DC Extended Universe Films Ranked from Worst to Best”