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Status Update: 2/14/22

That’s right, everyone!  I have returned, once again! I apologize for suddenly disappearing for several months.  I am okay, but there were just quite a few things going on for me personally that took up a lot of my free time. Also, I did have some posts completed, but I want to wait a whileContinue reading “Status Update: 2/14/22”

Status Update: 6/9/21

Any requests for future marathons? Fill out the form here! “What is this? This isn’t a ranking. Where is that Spike Lee post?” Uhh…yeah, about that… I know I promised that I would post a Spike Lee movie ranking by last week, but a couple of extenuating circumstances in May got in the way of completingContinue reading “Status Update: 6/9/21”

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