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Status Update – 10/23/2022

“It gets easier…” “When you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.” “Every day it gets a little easier…” “Nobody else gets to tell you what your story is.” “But you gotta do it every day…” “There’s nothing for you behind you.  All that exists is what’s ahead.”Continue reading “Status Update – 10/23/2022”

Status Update: 2/14/22

That’s right, everyone!  I have returned, once again! I apologize for suddenly disappearing for several months.  I am okay, but there were just quite a few things going on for me personally that took up a lot of my free time. Also, I did have some posts completed, but I want to wait a whileContinue reading “Status Update: 2/14/22”

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