Status Update: 11/29/20

So did y’all remember when I said was working on 5 (“…and more!”) movie marathon rankings?    Did you also remember when I only posted one these rankings this month?  To be honest, I realized shortly after posting this update that the task of watching all these movies, reviewing them, and writing about them (while alsoContinue reading “Status Update: 11/29/20”

Status Update: My Movie Marathon Queue as of 11/1/20

These are the movie marathon rankings I am currently working on as of November 1, 2020. The marathons are not listed in any particular order of their rankings’ release dates (i.e. – I’m not necessarily sharing the Christopher Nolan ranking before the Disney Post-Renaissance ranking). This is just an idea of what I’ll be postingContinue reading “Status Update: My Movie Marathon Queue as of 11/1/20”