Status Update: 6/9/21

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“What is this? This isn’t a ranking. Where is that Spike Lee post?”

Uhh…yeah, about that…

I know I promised that I would post a Spike Lee movie ranking by last week, but a couple of extenuating circumstances in May got in the way of completing that marathon. I’ve seen about half the films at this point, so I am still planning on finishing the rest and reviewing them all.

In the meantime, I was actually going to post a “surprise” Martin Scorsese movie marathon ranking, something that I already had written several months ago, but I had decided not to post it because I didn’t like the quality of my writing in it. Because of this, I will probably just hold on to that ranking until Scorsese’s next film, Killers of the Flower Moon, is around the corner (probably some time next year).

I think moving forward, I will no longer announce posts before I actually start watching any of the movies/TV shows for it. When I initially announced the Spike Lee, Kathryn Bigelow, and DCEU marathons back in May, I had only started watching the DCEU films, which is, of course, why that marathon ranking was posted first.

With that being said, I am currently working on rankings for all films directed by Spike Lee and every season of Friends (which means I am going through every episode of Friends right now, even though I’ve already seen the whole series twice before). I will let you know what I’ll do next after I start watching the material for my subsequent post(s).

Until then, peace!


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