Status Update: 1/6/21

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First of all – Happy New Year! Whoo!

Alright, great!

Soooo… now that I’ve completed all the movie marathon rankings I that promised would be done in 2020, I guess it’s time to go over what I am working on now. To be honest, and I hope it comes to no suprise, I haven’t been up to too much over the holiday, but now that all of that is out of the way, let’s see what this year has in store for us:

  • 2021 Grammy Awards Predictions
    • It was such a relief to hear that the Grammys got postponed to March, and that is because I honestly haven’t spent that much time listening to the nominees in all the categories I’ll be writing about (once again, GENERAL, POP, DANCE/ELECTRONIC, ROCK, ALTERNATIVE, R&B, RAP). With this delay in mind, you should expect this ranking no later than the first week of March.
  • The Worst Films of the 2010s (according to Wikipedia)
    • I love bad movies, and I really think the best way to bring in a new decade is to reflect on and appreciate some of the 2010s’ “gems”. This will be the next movie marathon, and it should be ready to go by the end of the month.
  • The Ocean’s Series
    • Again, I don’t know when I will start this. There’s not a lot of films in this, but I’m hoping I’ll start after my Worst Films of the 2010s marathon. Mmm…early February maybe?
  • The X-Men Series
    • I guess you can say that the Christopher Nolan marathon opened the door for superhero film franchises to included in my blog. As much as I am not a fan of superhero movies, I’ve received quite a few requests to watch and rank Marvel movies. I didn’t, of course, want to watch ALL the Marvel movies (not just the Marvel Cinematic Universe), so I decided I will go through different groups of Marvel films as separate movie marathons. In addition to X-Men, these are the Marvel marathons I’m thinking of doing:
      • All Spider-Man films from 1977’s Spider-Man to 2019’s Spider-Man: Far from Home, spanning any and all film studios that have made a film in which Spider-Man is the protagonist (i.e. – this would exclude any Avengers film, but I might add Venom, though)
      • The Marvel Cinematic Universe (so yes, I would be including Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from Home in two marathon rankings)
      • A “Miscellaneous Marvel Movie Marathon” that comprises remaining Marvel films that are non-MCU, non-X-Men, and non-Spider-Man (i.e. – The Fantastic Four, Blade, and *sigh* yes, Ghost Rider)
    • Perhaps after finishing these marathons, I might just make a large Marvel movie ranking with all Marvel movies ranked. Hmm…I can try to get that done by…the end of year? Is that okay?
    • As for X-Men, though, I hope to have that ready by February.
    • Finally, don’t worry Superman fans. I also hope to do a similar series of marathons for DC (oh wait, that would mean I have to watch Superman IV: The Quest for Peace…oh no!)

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