Status Update: 11/29/20

So did y’all remember when I said was working on 5 (“…and more!”) movie marathon rankings?   

Did you also remember when I only posted one these rankings this month? 

To be honest, I realized shortly after posting this update that the task of watching all these movies, reviewing them, and writing about them (while also working a full-time job) would be a bit overwhelming.  With that being said, here is an update on those marathons: 

  • Films directed by Christopher Nolan 
    • I was hoping to have this one completed this month, but I didn’t realize Tenet wasn’t already released digitally yet.  Expect this one in mid-December (and yes, I am including the Dark Knight trilogy). 
  • Films directed by Sofia Coppola 
    • I just started this marathon, and this will likely be my next ranking.  Hopefully, this will be done within a couple of weeks. 
  • Ocean’s film series 
    • Uhhh…yeah, I honestly have no idea when I’ll be starting this.  I’m most likely going to follow up my Sofia Coppola ranking with another animation or comedy marathon, so I’m not really sure about this one yet. 
  • Disney/Pixar films 
    • I’ve actually done this marathon and shared the results with my friends earlier this year.  It was my first movie marathon, though, and I think I can write better TL;DR reviews than what I initially wrote.  Also, I didn’t include Onward, and I know I will need to include Soul.  Expect this marathon late December or early January. 
  • “and more!” 
    • I tried to do a marathon and ranking for all the winners of the Golden Raspberry (or Razzie) awards for Worst Picture from 2000 to 2019, and after sitting through 5 of these movies, I could not go any further.  Most of my least favorite movies of all time are part of this marathon, and the idea of revisiting them is too painful for me.  Sorry, fellow bad movie fans! 
    • As awards season approaches, I’m planning on deviating a bit from movie marathons to share my predictions for the Grammys, the Oscars, and the Razzies.  The Grammy nominations were recently announced, so I’m hoping to have my predictions for this award show (that is definitely not a fair and accurate assessment of the “best” in music) out soon. 

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2 thoughts on “Status Update: 11/29/20

    1. I did do a Pixar list, but I only shared with it some close friends earlier this year. I’m hoping to update it and finally share it here after Soul comes out.


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